Funkwerks | Fort Collins, CO

On the occasion that we get to visit Fort Collins, CO and imbibe in some of the fantastic brews available there, Funkwerks has been one of our “must visit” locations. 

The brewery is small, but the flavors are big with the focus on saisons, sours, and Belgian Ales (um, yeah, the perfect trio for us).

While I am a huge fan of saisons, sours, Belgian ales, and Funkwerks, if I have someone with me that is new to the world of craft beer, I might hesitate to take them here initially because so many of the beers have so many complex, funky flavors it might be overwhelming.

This visit to Funkwerks, we sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and patio. 

One of the great things about being at any brewery is people watching. A trend that I am noticing more and more is that the people visiting the breweries represent a broader demographic than even a year ago. While there were still the stereotypical bearded millennials, there were also families and those who appeared to be enjoying retirement.  And if a brewery that specializes in funky concoctions can attract such a variety of visitors, it is a really good sign for the craft beer industry.

My husband and started out splitting the “Specialty Flight” that included:

  • Helles Ya (German-Style Helles Lager)
  • Pineapple Provincial (Sour Ale brewed with Pineapple)
  • Lima Pepina (Sour Ale with Cucumber, Lime, and Mint)
  • Solenna (Belgian-Style Ale with Brettanomyces)

While other breweries tend to serve their tasting flights in sampler glasses, Funkwerks serves their tasting flights in regular size glasses so you get to experience all the aromas and flavors. (Although, with all those full-size empty glasses sitting on the table, it does give the impression that you might be a lush). ;)

This summer I am having a thing for cucumber beers and, true to form, the Lima Pepina was my favorite out of the flight. The flavors were blended and balanced and it was a fantastic beer for a hot summer day.

Since we were getting an Uber to our next location, we went ahead and ordered

Peachy King (Sour Imperial Saison Ale aged in Whiskey Barrels with Peaches)

Marionberry (Saison Ale with Blackberries)

Both these beers were complex and each sip seemed different than the last.

Funkwerks is a great spot in Fort Collins if you are looking for beer that is a little offbeat.

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