Beer Can Succulent Planters

Craft beer in cans is a trend that seems to be here to stay. The beer remains fresh, is easy to pack and take on picnics and adventures without worrying about breakage, and the cans are 100% recyclable. Plus, many of the breweries are creating designs that look like pieces of art. 

I had a couple of empty beer cans sitting on my counter because I was trying to decide what I could do with them since they were too pretty to throw in the recycling bin. I also had some succulents sitting out that needed to be planted. 

For the record, I am not a "crafty" person.


Items Needed:

Fun beer cans + pretty succulents = an incredibly simple project.


Step 1

Choose which empty craft beer can you want to transform into a planter. Remove the top of the can using a hand can opener. This part might take a little trial and error to determine the best angle to get a clean cut.

Carefully remove the top and toss it in the recycling bin.

Rinse out the can to remove any remaining residue.

Step 2

Turn the clean can upside down and use a center punch to carefully poke about five drainage holes in the bottom of the can. Hold the can securely with one hand while firmly pressing down with the punch. This should not require much pressure so the can should not dent or get damaged. The holes should be large enough to drain but small enough that the pea pebbles will not spill out.

Step 3

Fill the can about 1/3 full with the pea pebbles. Adding the pebbles first allows for better drainage. The pebbles also add weight, which will help keep your planter upright and in place, especially if you are setting it outside. The first night I put mine outside, a thunderstorm came through and didn’t move the planters.

Step 4

Cover the pebbles with cacti and succulent soil (cacti soil is a specially mixed soil formulated specifically for cacti and succulents that allows for better drainage). Fill the can to the top where the can begins to taper.

Step 5

Carefully place the succulent in the soil, making sure that the root is in the soil, but the leaves are not covered with soil.

Step 6

The final step is to gently place more pebbles around the succulent on top of the soil to help with drainage, as well as to give the finished container a more polished look.

Not that you needed more reasons to drink good craft beer, but you can use them to create "artwork" for your patio.

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