I'm Megan, the woman behind this whole Brewtiful Life thing.

I'm a Nebraska farm girl at heart, a Southerner by choice, and an outdoor adventurer by marriage.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered craft beer and started my quest to try a craft beer from each of the 50 States. On that journey, it has quickly become evident that craft beer and breweries are a delicious way to learn about the places we explore on our adventures. Brewtiful Life is a collection of these discoveries and memories showing the beauty of life through beer and the beauty of beer through life.

For me, craft beer:

  • Is fun
  • Brings joy
  • Is beautiful
  • Makes me smile
  • Should be shared 

…kind of like life. Hence the name “Brewtiful Life.”

I believe that craft beer is best when it is shared with friends, so join me on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest and let me know what beer or breweries are your favorite and what I need to try next. If I'm lucky enough to get to share a beer with you in person, I prefer my beer in a stemmed glass, but please share the "girly" beer with someone else. ;)